Jewellery is often one of our most prized possessions, with many of our cherished pieces coming with lots of sentiment attached. Whether it’s the first necklace your partner ever gave you or the beautiful ring you inherited from your loved one, or even just the first piece you bought yourself with your own money, lots of our jewellery is entwined with memories from our life.


However, many of our favourite pieces will also experience wear and tear, especially if it’s something you tend to choose more often, which can damage your jewellery and might even lead to you being unable to wear your treasured possession. With that in mind, we’ve found three top tips for caring for your jewellery at home so you can keep your jewels in perfect shape.


Store it correctly

One of the most important ways to keep your jewellery pristine is to think about how to store your pieces: although many of us find it easier to keep them all in one place in a dish or on a jewellery tree, certain gemstones need different storage conditions. All jewels need to be stored away from direct sunlight, damp and extreme temperatures, whilst gold, silver, precious and semi-precious gems need to be wrapped in tissue or cotton to preserve them. Pearls and other delicate materials can also bleach under extreme light, whilst amber can darken over time.

One of the best ways to make sure your jewellery is properly cared for is to store the item in the jeweller’s box in which it came, which can help to protect it from the outside, or opt for an airtight bag with silica packs to prevent oxidation and damage from other gemstones. For more tips on storing different types of jewellery, check out this post by KC Designs.


Be mindful of contamination

Another important thing to note when caring for your jewellery is to prevent contamination with any chemicals, natural or otherwise. If you wear your favourite pieces regularly, they’re likely to come into contact with lots of different contaminants, from everyday items such as hairspray and perfume to household cleaning products and cooking oils. All of these substances can tarnish and dull gems, whilst stronger chemicals and water can actually damage the stones themselves. Water tends to damage the threading and setting of jewellery, whilst household cleaners can corrode the stones. For more tips on avoiding contamination, check out this post by The Telegraph.


Clean it carefully

Finally, make sure your jewellery is properly cleaned to prevent any damage to the stones or setting. We spoke to jewellers H. Hogarth for some tips: “Cleaning your jewellery correctly is one of the most important ways of preserving its lifespan, by preventing any contamination from oils, dust, and other materials. “Make sure you only clean your items occasionally as over-cleaning can actually be detrimental, and ensure you only follow the instruction of your jeweller. Use non-abrasive products such as fragrance-free soap and water, along with a soft toothbrush or cloth. For more specialist items, such as silver, gold, platinum and gems, it’s important to use specialist cleaners that you can pick up from most jewellers.”

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