Addiction is not something that you get into immediately after trying something; it is a very slow process which starts out as a habit, then become a part of our lifestyle, and eventually become our weakness and addiction. As the addiction to anything is a slow and gradual process, there is a possibility that you can still take a step back from these habits and prevent it from becoming an addiction.

Recognizing the difference between a habit and an addiction is very important. Sometimes the person who is going towards these addictions is not able to identify his lifestyle as an unhealthy one. People in his life, friends, and family, should also be careful and observe these patterns and aware him at the right time.

Following are some of the unhealthy habits and life patterns that you should observe and put a stop to:

  1. Unhealthy habits: When a person is leaning towards addiction, there are many unhealthy habits and a certain lifestyle that he adapts. Misusing the doctor’s prescriptions to take the medications is one of the first habits that a person gets into. Excess consumption of medication, alcohol or other drugs can change your lifestyle completely. You start sleeping all day long, skip your college or work, and isolate yourself from the outer world. These habits can be controlled at initial stages by asking for help from your loved ones or visiting a professional.
  2.  Not dealing with emotions: Running away from your emotions is another unhealthy habit that you should attend to. When a person starts getting addicted to some form of drug or alcohol, he goes through a lot of feelings and phases. Starting with a carefree attitude, it gradually becomes shame and guilt, which eventually gets converted into denial. Unless you get out of the denial phase, there is no chance that you accept your problem as an addiction; and without acceptance, you will never be able to ask for help. So it is important that you recognize your guilt and rectify your mistake immediately by starting your drug abuse treatment before it gets any worse.   
  3. Running away from loved ones: When you start indulging into negative behavior, people who love you will notice the change in you immediately no matter how hard you try to hide it from them. You should understand the fact that if you have to hide some things from your near and dear ones, then it is definitely something wrong. You start running away from them; it might be due to guilt, shame or even stubbornness. But if you let them in, they will definitely try and put a stop to your problem by giving you professional help. At such times, you should trust them and remember that they do so out of concern and without any judgment.
  4. Feeling out of control: You should definitely be scared if you feel that your life and your feelings are no longer in your own control. Losing control can make you feel weak and helpless, and no matter how much you try, you start falling deep into this well. So to avoid this phase, recognize your habits, and put an end to them by visiting a good drug abuse center and give another chance to yourself and your life.

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