The say that you can tell a lot about someone by the shoes they wear and in the case of sneakers it really can determine plenty. Sneakers have been around for decades now, but it seems that some styles have lasted a lot longer than others and are not only in existence today in their original form, but flourishing.

Some trainers seem to have a timeless appeal that ensures they remain popular no matter how other styles change. This adaptable streak has seen trainers been teamed up with everything from suits to tracksuits and appear in all sorts of occasions – here are out five favourite timeless sneakers.

The traditional Cons have had a hell of a run and have appeared on everyone from their originator Chuck Taylor, to Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and every other modern day pop star and rock star you can think of. Their simple but attractive style, solidity and longevity have made them a staple shoe in the wardrobes of men and women alike and they really and truly are a must have. There’s been numerous takes on these sneakers, but the red Converse Chuck Taylor’s remains one of the greatest constants of all styles.

The skater’s shoe of choice, Vans has been big hits for a number of decades now. Their wide shape is associated with skateboarders, BMX, snowboarding and other extreme sports since the 1980s. The slip on style of Van is also very popular. The reason for boarder’s love of the sneakers is down to the grippy rubber soles, which are ideal for the task at hand. However, Vans are worn more as a fashion accessory nowadays than for practical skating reasons.

Nike Air Jordan
There’s been numerous different versions of the Air Jordan, however the earlier styles have been the longest lasting and are still available today. The first five Air Jordan hi-tops can be purchased still and also thanks to the trend for customisation can be changed and designed in the manner the buyer wants.

Reebok Classics
Though a relative new comer and first released in 1983, the Reebok Classic was one of the most popular trainers of the time and still is very commonly seen today. The shoes are specifically popular in the USA and in hip hop musicians and have numerous pop references. Mike Skinner of The Streets is a spokesperson for the Classic line and they’ve been included in songs by both The Arctic Monkeys and Pete Doherty.

Puma Suede Classic
The Puma sneaker has its origins in Germany and the company has a huge following the retro trainer area. From its 1968 introduction at the Mexico Olympics to its associations with the 1980s B-Boy movements, the Puma Classic has a varied and also important place in the world of sneakers. They also look great!

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Cormac Reynolds is a lover of sneakers and shoes and has owned at least one pair of all the aforementioned sneakers. He writes this article for Lyst a UK fashion and designer site.

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