It is widely accepted by all that whole foods are incredibly good for the human body. A whole food is a food that has not been processed or altered in any way that could be considered unnatural; instead, it is as nature intended it, and offers many nutritional benefits as a result.

These nutritional benefits are particularly important if you are looking to lose weight, as you will have fewer calories available to you to nourish your body properly. Below are four of the best diet plans that are suited to eating whole foods, so if you want to protect your health and shed those stubborn pounds, these choices should suit your needs perfectly.

The HCG Weight Loss Plan 

The fantastic HCG weight loss plan comprises of injections of HCG and a carefully-monitored whole foods diet. As a result, it provides all the nutrition your body needs, and boosts your ability to lose weight thanks to the injections. If you’re looking for rapid weight loss that also encourages you to eat healthy whole foods, then this is just about the best choice.


The Paleolithic Weight Loss Plan 

The paleolithic (most commonly shortened to “paleo”) diet is based on only eating foods that would have been available to ancient man. That means that, by default, there’s no processed foods involved in this eating plan. While some people find the paleo diet a little slow for weight loss, the food you’ll eat is highly nutritious and should ensure you feel satiated and comfortable during your time on the plan.


The Atkins Diet 

Atkins is one of the most famous diets, and it is possible to adhere to the Atkins rules and eat whole foods— but you have to avoid the patented “Atkins” products. Instead of buying pre-packaged meals and snacks, you can stick to the low-carb-high-protein rules of Atkins by sourcing foods with the same macronutrients for yourself. As a result, you should find this a more effective, healthier, and cheaper way of sticking to the principles of Atkins in an effort to lose weight.


The Raw Food Diet 

By its very nature, the raw food diet is supportive of whole foods. As food is not to be cooked over a certain temperature (the exact number varies between proponents, but 40C/104F is the general benchmark), then the majority of cooking techniques involved in producing processed food just cannot be used. As a result, you should be able to adhere solidly to a raw food diet that is full of beneficial whole foods that can nourish your body even while you’re steadily losing weight.


In conclusion 

Finding the right diet or eating plan for you is always a case of experimentation and finding what suits your tastes, but you also have to take nutritional value into account. To ensure you are losing weight comfortably and safely, without denying your body what it needs in order to function, opt for one of the whole food weight loss plans above— you’ll lose weight and keep your physical health in tip-top condition.

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