Starting a new dream life is what every girl longs for. Having a dream knot with a dream companion, dressed in the colors of dream. The engagement is the first step towards this all. The newly engaged must follow the following tips, before entering the wedlock:

  1. Have a complete financial picture before deciding the wedding plans. Anyone paying or helping you to pay the expenses must be taken into confidence. An elaborated discussion on the financial status and the plans for the dream wedding must be carried out. An extra financial burden just to fulfill a dream can be problematic for the days to follow later. The financial questions have to be answered before deciding the venue, the food, the decor and even your dress.
  2. Let the wedding match your style. The wedding day not just means colors and happiness. It must represent your style and your feelings. You need to transform your choice into the special day. It must represent what you really feel about the occasion and the relationship. Fallon Carter says, “You turn your story into color, texture, music, and food, so your guests begin to understand you as a couple, and to get to know something about you during the wedding. Your dress is out there looking for you as much as you are looking for it.”
  3. A wedding cake marks the beauty of the event. It is not just flavors and decor, but actually the expertise of the baker you choose. Going for a baker, does not seem to be a great task or a great decision. He must understand that for him it is not just earning, but a matter of making the event unforgettable for someone stepping into the new relation. The transportation of the cake to the venue must be clear.
  4. Select the venue to support the concept of green wedding. A survey reveals that in United States, a wedding results in 400 pounds of trash on an average. The wedding planner must think of the best alternatives, not to make a wedding green by color but by the concept.
  5. Get all registrations done before time. The registration from your dress designer, your beauty expert, your wedding celebrant, Baker, photographer all must be contacted before the grand event. The same is to be done, regarding the honeymoon. Plan it before it is late.
  6. The period before the wedding and after the engagement is a great time to dream. It is a time that one remembers always. The wedding becomes special after celebrating this happiness. Too much of planning the wedding might stress the newly engaged. This stress would lessen the excitement and happiness that is likely to follow. Don’t let the planning overshadow the dream days. Tova Gold says, “Tune in to all the things that make you tick and make you smile while you’re planning your wedding.”

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