Summer is over and that means one thing; it’s Premier League time. I must admit I love the English Premier League. I love the speed of the game, the contrasting styles of play, the cocktail of athletes from foreign flair to British grit. I even love Sky Sports premiership coverage. Oh so dramatic. God, I’m glad it’s back on our screens.

There is one element though, that I never fell in love with and that was Premier League Fantasy Football.  I always found it slow and boring, even when you beating your mates it became repetitive very quickly. You were so far ahead that 90% of the League had given up. And if you weren’t winning you just lost interest.

For the last couple of years I haven’t bothered to play. Every now and again I receive a text from a friend saying “How do you feel about reviving the old EPL Fantasy League?” which receives no answer from me. That was up until early August in which I received the following group message:

Proposition: Instead of the old Fantasy Football League, Do you want to give DraftKing a bash? It’s a new game every weekend? No season leagues”

This to me was intriguing, DraftKings simply removed the one element I hated about Fantasy Football. They made their competitions over 1 weekend. Simple, Ingenious really. They call this format Daily Fantasy sports and it’s blowing up over in the U.S.

Right away I was on board. So far I’m loving it. If you lose one week so what, it all begins again the following week. There is a few lessons I’ve gained so far. Because DraftKings is a different format there is a plenty of rules & strategies you should read about before playing. Daily Fantasy HQ is a really good source, they produce guides & tips specifically for Draft Kings UK. They also have promos and coupons for new sign-ups.

To me it’s a no brainer, why bother waste your time playing stale old fantasy football when you can try this new brilliant format. DraftKings in my eyes is a winner.




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