When you’re training or simply need a boost throughout your day, you need something that you know contains high quality ingredients that will focus your mind and increase your performance. Crazy Horse energy drinks so just that; with naturally sourced caffeine and free from chemical stimulants. So why should you try the latest energy drink? We’ve detailed below 4 of the most important reasons Crazy Horse should be added to your grocery list.

Lusciously aromatic flavour.
Our aim was to create an energy drink which did not taste synthetic nor excessively
sweet. Crazy Horse is functional, very pleasurable & a healthier alternative.

Naturally sourced caffeine.
Our caffeine is naturally sourced Guarana, Green tea & yerba mate. Ongoing research is showing that combining more than one natural caffeine extract should provide you With longer lasting energy and less risk of a crash, depending on the individual.

Fruit juices.
A gorgeous & refreshing blend of berries, cherry and pomegranate that has shown to provide heart and health benefits.

Free of synthetic sugars & taurine.
We only use stevia to add sweetness, which is superior and healthier than cane sugar with
0 calories, also FREE of taurine or any other chemical stimulants.

250 % less calories.
Crazy Horse has between 100 to 250% less calories than the leading competitors.

To find out more about them, go visit their Facebook page here CrazyHorseDrinks

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