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Pretty much all of us here are coffee drinkers – consuming a min of 3 coffees a day. So when we found out that Bulk Powders offer a protein coffee, that is real Colombian coffee and not just a whey powder, we had to try.

This coffee is from their Complete Series range. We tried the white coffee option and this has now replaced the coffee in our office. It helps us increase our protein without having to re access our daily intake. Not only is this coffee packed with 22g of protein per 30g serving, it also contains Hydrolysed Whey & Medium Chain Triglycerides – these are your source of “good fats”.

What are the benefits of their coffee?

Due to the high protein content (22g per 30g serving) in Complete Protein Coffee™, it will fit into your diet and assist with muscle growth and just as important, muscle recovery.

For those that don’t know Whey Protein increases satiety, which for those dieting is brilliant; it prevents snacking between meals. Then you have the good fats, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and the natural Caffeine content that contribute to fat loss.

More Info

The coffee is available in either white or black and in 500g, 1kg or 2.5kg packs. If you bulk buy them, Bulk Powders offer fantastic pricing options.

Another great option is their Green Coffee Extract

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