Lethargic periods happen to everyone: you do not feel up to getting out of bed and facing another busy day at work, let alone hitting the gym. It is time to sober up – when the going gets tougher than usual, the tough get up and seek assistance. In life, you may call your assistance providers friends, family, life coaches or guardian angels; in the gym, you call them personal trainers. An experienced CPT can teach you a lot about your fitness, health and essential lessons in life: for instance, a personal trainer from Dubai whom I hired via the internet to coach me during my recent visit to the United Arab Emirates filled me in on the latest findings concerning nutrition for bodybuilders and the best motivation and anger management mechanisms for different personality types. In the gym, your CPT is your best friend, although not always an all-out compassionate one – but if you want reliable fitness results, here is how a personal trainer can help.

Accountability counts a lot

Most people take the doctor’s advice about regular exercise lightly and easily come up with an excuse to skip their gym session when it so suits them. But if you know you have a scheduled appointment with a professional coach waiting for you at the gym, you will think twice about shirking your way out of the workout – especially if you paid for the service in advance. This type of accountability will help find the time and willingness to work on your body and wellbeing, and that is a precious asset for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Program for success

With a CPT fighting in your corner, you get all the planning, organizing and exercise selection done for you. Based on your shape, weight, age and lifestyle, your coach will come up with the optimal workout program designed to push your strength and endurance limits gradually and efficiently. This way, you will not have to worry about skipping a set of exercises or experimenting with drills targeting individual muscle groups.  In addition to that, personal trainers can warn you if your focus takes a sudden drop and correct your form for maximum success and minimal risk of injury.

Nutrition in a nutshell

Nutrition is highly important to gym enthusiasts eager to get the most out of their workouts. That is another area in which your exercise instructor can help: with their experience-based knowledge of relationships between macronutrients and performance outcomes, your personal trainer will come up with a detailed diet plan for your workout style and fitness goals. In case your progress become slower than you originally hoped for, your coach will recommend changes in your meal timing, nutrient combinations and supplements to help you achieve your individual exercise objective, be it weight loss, increased muscle mass or improved strength and endurance results.

 Eyes on the target

As for fitness goals, you probably have some the first time you show up at the gym. Still, being aware of where you want to get to and knowing the shortcuts and blind alleys on the path to your goal is not the same. Depending on your age, body type, health condition and other variables, your trainer will develop the best strategy for you to achieve your fitness goal with no waste of time, money and energy. The trainer will set your daily, weekly and monthly workout targets realistically and constantly monitor your performance. Your gym results will be measurable, too, which will inspire you to keep up the good work without pulling a muscle or facing a major enthusiasm drop over stagnation or sluggish progress.

Motivation at its best

Progress is a gradual phenomenon with pretty much everything in life – you need to be consistent and work hard to see that extra weight melt or your muscle mass increase. Personal trainers are excellent at motivating their clients to persist even on uninspiring days and they also have a good understanding of the human psyche, so they will get the most out of you in every gym session and still have you coming back for more the very next day – for years on end. A good CPT is 50% cheerleader and 50% drill sergeant, so he will know when, how and which of your buttons to push to maximize your performance and keep your progress visible in the long run.

Personal trainers are invaluable allies for people looking to change their shape, habits and lifestyle for the better. Even professional athletes and personal trainers like me use coaching services – not because it is hip, but because it truly works like magic. So, are you ready for your first appointment with the gym master? You should better be – because your PT will definitely be a God-sent guardian angel when it comes to your health, fitness and overall wellbeing.



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