Hitting the gym and pounding the pavement sounds inspiring, but also sounds difficult and like hard work.  Being motivated to exercise is one thing, but actually making the commitment to find the time and energy to go out there and make it happen is another thing completely.  Once you’ve made the commitment and you’re in the zone – going for your walk or jogging on the treadmill or stretching your limbs at yoga – you’ll start to feel good, you won’t be distracted, and leaving the session you can give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there and pushing yourself.

It’s the ‘getting out there and doing it’ part of exercising which seems to be the hardest obstacle to overcome for a lot of people.  A few things can be done to overcome this hurdle, and something that can help is having a great workout outfit and the right sportswear to suit your activity.  Look good and feel great may be an over-used statement, but it’s true!  And if you feel you look good, it gives you the confidence and motivation to get out there, feeling confident and sure of yourself.

The big names in sportswear are now creating workout outfits for all types of workout activities.  Adidas have a great range of dance wear which is trendy and also functional for movement.  Many of the big brands in athletic clothing also have clothing lines for yoga and pilates, and most of this sportswear is able to be worn as casual day wear, which is versatile enough to take you from running errands in cool comfort to working out in ease.
Breathable fabric, with stretch for move and comfort, in trending colours and flattering cuts make all the difference when you’re working out.  Not only can you feel confident that you’re looking stylish, you’re also wearing clothing especially designed for your exercise activity.

Sports gear has also been adapted and designed to suit women functionally and asthetically, and a good example of this are boxing packages, which incorporate a bag and gloves, designed for upper body muscle development and in pastel pink colours.

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