Today we launched our #AMFDFitness day on Twitter. Every Monday we will be tweeting health and fitness advice, tips and reviews to help support you on the path to a BETTER YOU. At AMFD we say FIT MIND = FIT BODY and that is something we like to call our motto for fitness.

Being fit isn’t about running miles or being able to do 100 situps and not die right there on the floor. Being FIT is being at the top of your game at all times, never finding an excuse to get a day off, looking after your body not only through working up a sweat, but by looking after what you put in it. You wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol car now, would you! (if you said yes or maybe, honestly, you shouldn’t be driving)

So if you missed the action get in on it by checking #AMFDFitness For now, here are some of the tweets we had going today

Working out & see weight increase. DON’T BE PUT OFF. You’re burning fat & turning it into muscle mass. Stay FOCUSED

This is quite an essential factor to remember. Yes, some of us may need to shed a few pounds, but when you get down to an optimum weight you WILL start gaining weight. But this weight is muscle mass and you will notice this more when you start toning up and seeing muscles in places you my never known had existed. This is the point you need to keep eating healthy and carry on kicking ass! You’re doing amazing!

Sick of squats, lunges, weights, CV? Try boxing! We ♥ our #MMA three times a week. Get that adrenaline flowing

One of our girls commits herself to three MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, sessions a week. Thats three TWO HOUR sessions. On top of that she does weight training and focuses on her upper AND lower body. After a legs day, she may well not bother coming in. But she gets the results she wants and knows how to tailor her workout to get this. Yes she has years of experience, but you can mix things up too. Sticking to the same workout every day WILL get BORING. Try running on a Monday, HIT on a Tuesday, Rest on Wednesday, Swimming on Thursday and boxing on a Friday with two rest days to get you used to your new routine as you will be using a lot more muscle groups now, so give yourself time to recover.

BE CONSISTENT! one off sessions won’t cut it. Have 1 or 2 rest days a week. But that doesn’t mean pig out! FIT MIND = FIT BODY

One week on, one week off simply will not work. yes you may slightly increase your fitness and momentarily feel good about yourself. But that feeling won’t last and if you don’t stay consistent you won’t see results. It’s quite a simple concept and yet so many people get it wrong.

ALWAYS be fully fuelled before a #workout session. Try whey protein before to get the best performance you can.

For Whey protein we would recommend Myprotein they are the UK’s number one sports nutrition brand, so know what they’re talking about.

HIT training can improve CV fitness by 13%. Try 20 seconds high intense with 10 seconds relaxing. REPEAT

Try eight sets of this to get you started, slowing increasing by two reps every time to try it to a maximum of 12 reps, so you don’t over use the muscles and give them time to react to the workout you just gave them.

We had a fantastic number of people retweeting and favourting our tweets, so everyone was getting involved – great team work! But we had someone tweet us with a great little tweet that everyone can use,

@amfd always drink water, lots of it especially when hungry bec will make u full & hydrated. Good for body & skin

So follow this simple and FREE tip which was given to us by Jen; a Certified Personal Trainer LLC who works for @VitalOhio Gym. You can follow her updates on Twitter here @JenFit13

This will now be a permanent event on Mondays throughout the day, so be sure to stop by and check our feed out for updates, or just say Hi @amfd

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