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Every week, you can guarantee there is an article hitting the headlines on what to avoid for a healthy heart, but rarely what foods to eat or avoid to increase mental ability to it’s full potential.

Our brain, like many other organs, need essential vitamins and minerals. Fatty acids are deemed essential for increasing brain function, as a whopping 60% of your brain consists of fat, that’s due to each cell being surrounded by a membrane made up of fatty acids. So what foods can you eat to start seeing improvement in your mental health; this can include mood, focus and increase alertness. Foods containing Omega-3 is what you should be consuming to reap the rewards. These include; flaxseeds, hemp seed, walnuts (there’s a reason they look like mini brains) and oily fish.

Personally I love flaxseed. I get my ground and add a table spoon to oats, Greek yoghurt, over a salad, mixed through rice; the list is endless for how versatile this seed is. Regardless of you being a meat eater or vegetarian, if you want to fuel your brain as well as those biceps, you need to add these to your diet. End of.

You hear time and time again not to skip breakfast, and there is a reason for this. Your brain needs the fuel to get you through the day, just as much and even more so than the rest of your muscles – eating first thing in the morning gives your brain the energy it needs for the strenuous day ahead.  I hate muesli, I’m not a hamster, so I opt for one of these two meals to kick start my day. Oats, with skimmed milk, flaxseed, with fruit to sweeten the alternative is scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoes and flaxseed, I’ll have a handful of walnuts also.

If you’re counting macros, or reducing your calories be careful with the next addition of consuming small helpings of fruit and nuts such as mango, cashews, almonds, blackberries or blueberries. Not only are these delicious, they contain naturally occurring sugars and fat which you may need to factor into your daily macros. And most of all don’t forget your daily dose of Iodine, this is what helped us form from a foetus in the womb to surviving to the outside world. Consume dairy products (especially yoghurt) eggs, fish and seaweed, and not the seaweed wrapped around sushi!

These are your basic staples to ensuring a strong brain working to it’s full potential, add these to your shopping basket next time you’re at the supermarket and you will not be disappointed.


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