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We all love an excuse to head to the beach. What’s better than relaxing with your favourite people, blasting the latest anthems and rocking that bikini bod! That is until you need to change, when things can get a little, shall we say awkward. We’ve all been there, needing to change to head for lunch or beach sports and needing to take off, or put on swimwear. That terrible moment you drop the towel and reveal all that your mother gave you!

But we have been looking for ways to help restore your modesty and come across some classic pieces such as a wing guard, assigning friends to hold towels and look the other way or attempting to wrap a towel around you and fumbling beneath to remove or replace clothing; it’s just not attractive and any beach cred is instantly lost.

That is until we came across a nifty little product which is now a beach essential known as LOLL towels. These amazing wearable towels, double up as ponchos so you can cover up and change effortlessly, by simply zipping up the sides. LOLL towels also remove the need to carry a beach bag as they have pockets which can hold your essentials. Not only that, they look super cosy too; perfect for shaded times catching up with your latest book or hitting the cocktails from the midday sun.

These towels are unisex and designed longer at the back so you won’t burn yourself when sitting down on hot sand or chairs heated by scorching sun! They also fit up-to size XXL and at £35 they are an absolute steal and a must-have for any sun-seeker out there.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for some inspiring holiday snaps that will have you packing your case for the next beach adventure. #NeedsaLOLL

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