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The #COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing but a wild ride. Arguably the most reclusive part is shifting our fitness routines to home. Nicole Russin-McFarland, a film director, was ahead of the curve, swapping her gym membership for a home workout for years before the pandemic hit.

“The gyms I visited and trialed, or the few I joined pressured all of the new female customers on extreme weight loss. Women who were never close to overweight including me,” she said. “Gimmicks! When I observed the staff, nobody did this to the new male signees. Men joining were told to look fit.”

For designing her own workout, Russin-McFarland kept things simple. She started exercising weekly in a bedroom or hotel room with her own weights and body weight tips she discovered online. To mix things up, she swims when she has access to a pool or exercises outdoors.

“People affected by the pandemic should know that gyms do not have a monopoly on exercise. Someone wanting a regular person workout can do well without a gym,” she said.

The change gave her the chance to make exercise stress free.

“No more people selling me the latest fad diets seen in magazines or pushing me to work with trainers so I can drop dress sizes overnight. I don’t bump into people who treat the gym like Tinder. Trendy women don’t give me an eye for looking less than perfect. All I do is pop in my earbuds and have fun.”

You can find out more on her blog here

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