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As the only parent in the team my morning is a lot more stressful than the others – though they claim getting to the gym before it gets full is a task in itself. I would kindly like to ask them to try getting your workout in after trying to get a 3 year old up and ready with their breakfast whilst attending to a 12 week old who has been screaming for no apparent reason until you realise their teddy was just that little bit out of reach. Sometimes it feels like I’ve done a workout before even walking through those gym doors.

With all that going on it can be hard to make sure your little ones are getting the best start to their day. But I have found great breakfasts that don’t take long to make and gives me peace of mind that my toddler is fuelled until at least mid morning.

Many of you parents out there who have toddlers will know they need lots of calories, but let me stress these are to be HEALTHY calories. Mac Donalds breakfast does not cut it. So here are three of my top breakfasts that take around 10 minutes to make.

The classic eggs and soldiers

This breakfast option combines protein from the eggs and carbs from the toast. We use a whole grain bread so they get that little extra kick. When opting for spread on the toast, do not under any circumstances use margarine or a low fat spread instead give them a little bit of unsalted butter.


Now at the age where they’re wanting to get to know textures and flavours, this can be tricky so you may have to bear with it for a while. We have porridge made with real oats, there’s no ready break in our house, some water and milk with a spoonful of Manuka honey instead of sugar. Then we add in chopped bananas, pear or blueberries.

Eggy & Fruity Toast

This is the quickest to make and honestly works a treat. Take two slices of wholemeal bread and stick it in the toaster. Scramble up some eggs and put them on one slice of toast. Then for the other side spread some manuka honey and add one sliced banana. Messy, but worth it as this gets them through till lunch and a little beyond. Great if they’re on a long journey where you may not have time to stop for food.

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