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So every now and again there is a new craze with a new food to help promote your fitness or stamina performance. The new veggie to crop up is Beetroot, something we have been eating and blending for quite some years. So lets look at the benefits and see why, if you haven’t already, should add it to your 1 of your 5 a day. Aside from it being a super-food which increases your performance, speed and endurance, there are other added benefits to consuming this red root veg.

Reasons why you SHOULD be consuming beetroot

  • Contains vitamin B – needed for energy production
  • Contains vitamin C – a known antioxidant
  • Contains Beta-carotene AND Beta-Cyanine
  • Essential minerals such as; Magnesium, potassium and iron
  • Anti-inflammatory betalains
  • Nitrates which have been proven to help performance

This little red veggie, juiced, baked or raw has been proven to increase athletes performances in time trials and with its anti-inflammatory properties, is a great source of relief for those suffering from sporting injuries – or take before sport to lessen your chances of getting injured.

It has also been proven to increase the amount of time you can physically make yourself exercise by 16 MINUTES!

What other reason do you need, aside from the big old list above, to start consuming this super-food.  You can start stocking up on it from your local supermarket where it’s already been juiced and ready to consume.

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