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Are you new to body building?  Are you thinking about taking supplements and wondering if they can help you build muscle? To help you in your quest for information, we’re going to look in detail at the one supplement frequently recommended on blogs and in forums across the webosphere: Glucosamine.

So let’s begin!

Firstly, what is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine sulphate is a chemical compound found naturally in the human body (specifically, in the fluid surrounding our joints.)  You can also find it in several places in the natural world too: in shellfish, animal bones and fungi.

What does it do?

To put it simply, Glucosamine plays a key role in “building cartilage, the tough connective tissue that cushions the joints” (Ref: The University of Maryland Medical Center.) Typically, older people take Glucosamine for problems with arthritis (Osteoarthritis in particular), as many people believe the supplement helps to reduce ‘wear and tear’ on cartilage and therefore provides relief from pain.

In the bodybuilding and muscle building world, weightlifters take the supplement to help ease joint pain; Glucosamine is primarily used as a way to help recovery.   If you’re scientifically minded, learn more about the chemistry behind the supplement and how it works specifically by clicking here.

Does it work?

While the US Government’s Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates Glucosamine as “likely effective” for treating Osteoarthritis, there is very little empirical evidence in the medical community to substantiate the claim that it also helps weightlifters.  The supplement needs to be studied in the context of bodybuilding and muscle building more thoroughly before such conclusions can be drawn.

Is Glucosamine safe to take?

Thankfully, the US Government’s Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates the supplement as ‘likely safe’  (worth noting: this is when adults adhere to the recommended daily dosage).  However, there are a few warnings associated with the supplement too.  Firstly, some people experience minor side effects (such as constipation), while others believe the supplement to aggravate asthma and diabetes symptoms too.  Read more informationhere.

Those with shellfish allergies should be careful taking the supplements, as they may contain Glucosamine extracted from crustaceans!

Meanwhile, some people using the Glucosamine have found it reacts with certain medications (including Warfarin and Tylenol to name just two!) You can read more about the medications affected by the supplement by clicking here.

Joint Plus Glucosamine from

Important: It’s always advisable that you speak to your doctor before starting any new health supplements, especially if you have any of the above health concerns.

Where can I buy Glucosamine?

Many body builders like to try the supplement for a couple of months to see if it improves their recovery time, simply because it is rated “likely safe” by the medical community.   If you’d like to give it a go too, you’ll be pleased to hear that Glucosamine is widely available across the UK, USA and Europe.  You can get it from Myprotien and from a range of health food stores, chemists/drugstores and can purchase online in bulk from reputable, well-known sellers such as, Bodybuilding Warehouse or BULK POWDERS

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