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In today’s time and age, fashion is a quintessential factor in one’s appearance and personality. Not just what you wear, the quality, style, colour – every little thing matters.

More often than not, we, commoners are unaware of the ins and outs of the fashion industry. Perhaps if we had something like a guide to the fashion industry, we could have gotten a lot ahead in the game.

So, here you go – a fashion insider’s guide to choosing the perfect fashion jewellery to go with all your outfits. So, the wait is now over. You can stylize yourself and stand out in the crowd with your incredible sense of style.


There are certain boxes that you need to check off in order to identify whether the so called “vintage” garment you are purchasing is authentically vintage or is it just a hoax.

Some interesting features to note are metallic zippers, pinked seams, hem tape, snap closures on the side etc. These things are usually identifiable features of vintage clothing. So, be careful.

Fashion insiders usually prefer to team up their vintage classic apparel with gold jewellery that highlights the apparel, especially chunky jewellery. Solid styles and vibrant colours may seriously bring out the best in your outfit.

Many vintage styles can be spotted online with some search skill, fashion insiders also take advantage of this resourceful and convenient means. One can easily find some vintage fashion styles from fashion jewellery websites such as Their various collection of wholesale fashion necklaces is simply impressing and attractive for vintage style lovers and fashion jewellery fans.

The Smooth Pastels Look

Sometimes, less is more. Overly bold looks do not suit everyone. You must be fully aware of your body type and structure to determine what suits you perfectly and what does not.

For those interested in soothing and soft colors, the gurus of the fashion industry have the perfect styles thought out for you. Go for elegant colors such as white, beige, teal etc.

For jewellery, you might consider bringing a sense of contrast to your look. Highlight your otherwise understated clothing with intense jewellery. Metallic chunks might add a glamorous look.

Enamel and gemstones add color to your outfit. Bold or pastel costume pieces might also look fabulous.


Own The Sporty Look

Fashion is not restricted to people who prefer to dress up and look all glamorous 24/7. The sporty look is also the in thing in today’s era of fashion. There are some really cool and stylish looks to complement your sporty appearance as well.

The fashion insiders believe in blending the worlds of sports and fashion. The two leading industries in the world put together can seriously help mankind progress in looking fabulous 24/7.

Put on a stylish watch with a large dial or maybe a rope bracelet. Such accessories will complement your sporty attire and turn quite a number of heads at the gym or elsewhere.

To Sum It Up

The insiders of the fashion industry who understand and know fashion inside out can help you look your best beautiful forever and for always. Just follow these guidelines as stated above and you will be at par with all the fashionistas in the world of glamour.

Look spectacular, be confident, and wear your style all day, every day.

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