We are providing you with the need to know DO’s and DON’T on how to get success. There is one place many people, men and women throw away their chance for a promotion or ruin their rep…. and that place is the works party.

Follow our Do’s and Dont’s for a promotion from a party and you’ll be set for success.

DO: Mingle with other departments as well as having a laugh with your usual colleague clique. It shows you’re both popular and a team player.

DON’T: Never be the last to leave. As soon as you start to see people filtering away, it’s time to get your coat. Otherwise you’ll look like you havent had a night out in months if not years.

DO: Follow the one water for one alcoholic drink rule. You wont look like a square for doing this but you will remain sober enough to stay in control.

DON’T: Dress for clubbing. When you’re going to a work party, think of dressing how you would for a posh dinner out with your friends. You’ll look glam and feel comfortable.

DO: Hang by the bar of buffet. It’s a great way to schmooze with head honchos you wouldnt normally get the chance to speak to. People usually go up there alone so they will be free to talk.

DON’T: Under no circumstances should you be the one to start a topic about work. This isnt the place to boast the deal your working on or asking for a promotion. Instead, start your conversations by asking your seniors a question, like what their christmas plans are.

Follow these simple to remember DO’s and DON’T and you’ll be able to laugh at someone else messing up and not you be the one running to the toilet in horror when you’re back to work.

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