Here are 5 tips to keep you motivated during the colder months of fall and winter.  To get you all prepared, we have been lucky enough to have some top tips from Dean Jewett who writes a personal development blog


The first tip for staying motivated is to break a sweat every day.  If you keep this as a goal and work to get it done you will be happy with the results.

Put forth a conscience effort to get moving each day and you will notice a positive change in your attitude!  Get your blood flowing, the endorphins moving, and get your body grooving!  Your workouts are yours, do what you enjoy and do it every day.

In the AM

If time is an issue for you, try squeezing in a little workout first thing in the morning.  Not only will this energize you for the day, but it is a big item you can cross off your daily to-do list.

It doesn’t have to be an excruciating workout.  A 15-30 minute routine will be enough to get results, keep you motivated, get you sweating, and keep you happy knowing you did something productive right away.

Bulky Clothes

I know it is going to be cold outside, but once in a while don’t wear bulky clothes.  Wearing big bulky clothes hides your body not only from others but from yourself.  If you want to stay motivated take a look at yourself; see the results you worked for in the warmer months and want to keep.

Bulky clothing also makes you warm and tired.  You won’t want to get a workout in if you have to take off numerous layers of clothes, put on exercise clothes, than put the layers back on.  Dress warm for the weather, but no need for overkill.  I want you feeling great and looking great too.


Switch up your routine.  Your exercise routine shouldn’t be a big bore for you.  Try new things!

Incorporating new equipment like a Pilatemate or Kettelbells into your routine can add a spark to your workout getting you more results.  Since you most likely will be inside, it is important to experiment with different equipment or routines, but only if you feel comfortable.

There are many ways to get results.  Find what works for you and something you enjoy doing.  When you enjoy it, you’ll keep doing it.

Take time for yourself

Your health is important so make the time to care for yourself.  It is your time for self-improvement.  Turn off the cell phone, turn off your worries, and let this be your time.

It is important to have some “me” time.  Exercise is a great way to get a little “me” time in and accomplish a self-improvement strategy at the same time.

Go out, get moving and stay on track.  You will be happy with yourself when it’s bikini season in the spring.

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