Want to figure out if a certain someone is lying… then our 4 areas of help will get you reading their pattern in no time.

  • Body Language – Gestures will be stiff, infrequent and directed towards the liars own body. Liars tend to touch their face, throat and mouth, as if to conceal their lie. Liars are also less likely to touch their chest/heart with an open hand. They often feel uncomfortable facing the person they’re lying to, so they may turn their head or body away.
  • Speech – Lies tend to be told with a higher pitch and stated without abbreviations – “I did not do it” as opposed to “I didn’t do it”. They tend to ask that questions be repeated, and are more likely to start sentences with phrases like, “to tell you the truth”.
  • Physical Cues – Someone lying may sweat more and have heavier breathing. They might unconciously place objects (such as cups or papers) as a barrier between themselves and the other person.
  • Changing the subject – A liar happily follows along if you change the subject quickly, whereas an innocent person becomes confused by the sudden change and will want to go back to the previous subject.

Use these tips to help you find out who is lying to you….. we’re sure in no time they will be squriming and will own up to it in no time.

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