Protect yourself and your loved ones with the latest LED Wearable Products from Strobe Safety Gear

Don’t be one of the statistics, stay safe and Be Seen with a product from the range of Night Visibility LED Armbands, Smartphone Holders, Ankle Bands, Sports and Sash Belts from Strobe Safety Gear.


They even have one for your dog too. See their L.E.D Dog Collar and Lead set; an essential when out with your dog during the darker nights and mornings.

Active lighting using L.E.D technology sewn into wearable garments make you clearly visible from over 300 yards (275meters) therefore reducing the chance of an accident.


Not only do you have to be clearly visible to motorised traffic, with the increase of cyclists and other runners on the streets even minor collisions can be prevented, but only if you are wearing active lighting by Strobe Safety Gear.

See their products here or on their ebay UK shop

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