After seeing Megan Fox cover for Jess in New Girl we decided to recap on her tattoos.
Since the first Transformers Megan Fox has become a natural beauty and lately taken angelina’s spot as sexiest woman. In Transformers Megan looked amazing, with a to-die-for figure and stunning features. She is not your plain Jane as she has a little liking for tattoos. So much so she gets another one done to spite those who say they hate her tattoos. She has 8 or 9 tattoos and most of the discussion is on her tribal tattoo. She has 3 tattoos that are in writing, one has her fiances name Brian near her “pie” as she calls it.

Megan Fox Brian Tattoo

Here is the one she has with her fiances name Brian, whilst doing her photo shoot for FHM she was asked what would she do if she and Brian broke up? She simply said ” I would keep it, as I can always name my child Brian”.

megan fox butterfly tattoo script

She has a script about a butterfly. There is nothing planned about her tattoos. She simply gets one when she wants one and with whatever is meaningful to her at that moment in time, as it will be a lasting memory as to what she thought about whilst deciding her tattoo.

We hope to see Megan Fox continue in New Girl when Jess returns.

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