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Modern weight loss experts are progressively frustrated with diets. Corresponding to some, being on a diet is like taking part in a shootout with a rod instead of a gun. The fact is that standard diets limit calories and this leads to a stoppage in metabolism. Any calorie restriction sends a signal to the brain: “Hunger has come!” And the body slows down the metabolism so as not to touch the innermost assets – the fat itself, which you wanted to fight.

For Now, modern research shows that you can lose a significant amount of fat and preserve the result without limiting calories.

Hurry up your metabolism

The rate at which your body burns calories depends on age. Remember your teenage years – when your body is full of hormones, your metabolism is very high and everything you eat burns immediately. But after 20 years, this percentage decreases by 2% every 10 years. And calories that don’t have time to burn are stored in fat. Therefore, without strict diets.

How to compensate for this decline in age?

Benefit and sustain muscle mass slightly higher than that of an normal person who does not train. Muscles are metabolically active, they consume fat both during progress and at rest. Work out every day because about 24 hours after a workout, your muscles continue to burn fat. Include push-ups, stretches, presses and squats with dumbbells to strengthen muscles and walk or another type of fat-burning workout. To speed up the procedure you can use anabolic steroids, but in minimal doses. The best product for this purpose is winstrol as it is very light and does not give side effects. To race up fat burning, cardio and interval training plus sleep and nutrition are needed. You can’t lose weight without it. Without following a diet, exercise trains the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, utilizing such physical characteristics as strength, flexibility, speed and strength. Even minimal physical activity improves blood circulation: the cells are saturated with oxygen, the skin tightens, excess fluid leaves the body. And even the full figure will look much more attractive and harmonious.

Drink water

And no sweet soda or juices. Corresponding to statistics, in the last 30 years, on median, each of us drinks 450 kcal a day! Just because we drink sugary drinks as a substitute of water. Remember: if sugar is current in the drink, it is extra pounds in the waistline. Take a separate step – stop drinking any sugary drinks, plus alcoholic cocktails, tea and coffee. You will lose at least 2 kg in the first month!

Take On a smaller plate

Investigators at the University of Cornwall have studied the relationship concerning plate sizes and operating sizes. It turned out that the bigger and deeper the plate, the more you eat. Take a smaller plate – and you will see that you perfectly eat a smaller portion!

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