Today we all carry smartphones, laptops and tablets and communicate via emails, text messages, and tweets. Gone are the days of handwritten messages sent through the mail. Gone is the thrill of the knock on the door and being handed a telegram. Maybe not . . . a Liverpool company has embraced the excitement and romance of a bygone era by resurrecting the telegram.

People can now send their own personalised messages on a telegram to their loved ones anywhere in the world via The Telegram Office. This is an online company that offers a whole array of creations based on authentic telegrams from past generations.

Many of us are too young to have ever received a telegram, but who could forget the film “Gone with the Wind” starring Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara, receiving telegrams from Rhett Butler played by Clark Gable, ahhhh the excitement. Your loved ones can experience the same excitement by receiving a modern-day telegram sent by you through The Telegram Office.

Through the website you can order a vintage era telegram with your own greeting or message. It will be sent to whomever you choose on the date you select. Postage is first class for both national and international addresses for a fair price of £4.95.

Telegrams are appropriate for every occasion: congratulations, birthdays, anniversaries, invitations, weddings, graduations, thank you notes, births and greetings of any sort. Christmas telegrams are always a favourite, especially among mums. Kids love a chance to send Father Christmas their wish list, and with a telegram it certainly stands out!

The tradition of lovers celebrating Valentine’s Day goes back centuries and it’s still flourishing. More Valentine cards are sent today than ever before. Why not be different this year? Send a Cupidgram through the Telegram Office, with your words of love expressed vintage-style on old-fashioned telegrams to your nearest and dearest.


There is an assortment of unique designs, which makes a nice alternative to mass produced store-bought cards. Telegrams stand out as a valued keepsake, something that’s been lost of late. This is a truly special way to send a heartfelt message to your friends and loved ones.

All you do is go to the site, and on the homepage you just press the start button, peruse the designs, select the one you like and type in your message. Once you like how it looks you get the chance to preview the image before placing the order. After approving everything you type in the recipient’s name and address then pay via credit card or PayPal. It couldn’t be easier!

Your personalised vintage A5 size telegram will be date stamped and posted in a C5 size envelope. You will receive an email confirmation including your message details and send date. Now the anticipation and excitement begins as you await the reaction once your telegram arrives.

It’s time we embraced tradition and realised that much of the romance in life has faded away. Romance is one thing worth keeping alive. With this in mind, I think you may want to send your Valentine greetings through The Telegraph Office this year.

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