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Getting your five a day can be quite difficult if you’re trying to balance your hectic lifestyle, or it can be as easy as 1,2,3.  We like to mix things up a bit here and switch one or two of our usual five a  day with some new fruits. But not just any fruit… super fruits.


We all love these little berries. Small and bursting with goodness, they are a great addition to your fruit choices. Whilst being small, they are packed full of calcium, iron and vitamin C. Buy the fresh from the supermarket or grab some dried berries to keep with you through the day.

How to eat: Add them to porridge, in a mixed bowl of fruit or on whey protein pancakes with a little Manuka honey


There is a lot to be said for coconuts. We’re now obsessed with getting the goodness from this fruit by either eating or drinking the coconut water. But what’s so interesting about this odd looking (and feeling) seed – Yes it’s the worlds largest seed  just in case, like us, you didn’t know. We love coconuts for their fatty acids. The fat from them is stored differently by our bodies to usual fat. Once you eat a coconut, the fatty acids are go straight to your liver where it is then converted into quick source of energy. Not only that, they help boost your metabolism and increase brain function. So start introducing this natural beauty into your diet today.

How to eat: Eat them whole, sliced or bitesize (as a side to your lunch) or drink the coconut water, which is now available in all shops – and once you get used to the taste is very refreshing.


If you’re already eating these tiny seeds, a massive high five to you. If not… then start eating. They are known to help with the symptoms of Alzheimers and Arthritis and to reduce the levels of our stress hormone, cortisol which helps with reducing blood pressure. And now a study has shown that they help reverse the harm done to our vital blood vessels through bad diets. Yippee.

How to eat: Add to cous cous for a refreshing and super powerful salad. Add to your bowl of fruit, morning prorridge or simply drink pomegranate juice.

If you can’t find the time to add new fruits or don’t feel you’re getting the most from your diet, then we would recommend using Superfood XS or Total Nutri-Greens, both available from Myprotein. They contain antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables and Total Nutri-Greens on its own contains 22 super foods, whole foods, fruit extracts, vegetable extracts and super fruits.

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