By Tony “T Bone” Harris  ATC/L, MPT

Athletes come from all walks of life from youth to Olympic, professional, recreational, industrial, male and female.  All of these athletes deal with many ailments such as strains, sprains and other injuries that can and do occur when performing their job and/or participating in sports.  These injuries are inherent risks that are difficult to prevent unless an athlete takes intentional steps to do so.  As spring gets closer and outdoor activities increase several ailments can begin.

One ailment that is preventable is “Chafing”.  Chafing can occur due to the repeated rubbing of one body part against another, an article of clothing repeatedly rubbing against the skin or wearing an article of protective gear or a compression garment creating the friction against the skin.

Chafing can result in extreme discomfort.  If you have to worry about your movement causing pain because of rubbing, then you can’t perform to your highest level and sometimes cannot participate until the irritation is not present.

When golfers walk on a golf course there is a lot of friction created between the legs, under the arms and the bottoms of their feet. Running is another sport that is in extreme need for a product that prevents chafing. Male tennis players can experience discomfort in the nipple area as they sweat throughout a match or tournament.

When people run marathons or are just out on their morning jog, it is important to know that they are free of the chafing possibility.  Between the runner’s legs and on their chest they have to worry about rubbing and their clothing scraping them.

One alternative is to prevent the issue with skin lubricant products like ChafeZone®. ChafeZone® is used by athletes in many different sports.  Applied liberally, skin lubricants can be an effective prevention tool for chafing, blisters or friction related skin irritations.

Look for products that are long lasting, water resistant and have been in the marketplace for several years.  Choosing a quality skin lubricant is a major step toward prevention of skin irritations such as chafing or blistering.

About Tony Harris

For nearly 40 years, Tony “T Bone” Harris has been trusted by professional sports teams, medical doctors, rehabilitation facilities, and Olympic Athletic Trainers for his knowledge and expertise in sports injury prevention and treatment.

“T Bone’s” knowledge lead him to high-level Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainer roles with professional teams including the Seattle Mariners, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons, and Phoenix Suns. His expertise merited him positions with the World University Games, Clay Court Tennis Tournament, Olympic Training Center, U.S. Olympic Festival and the 1996 Olympics.

T-Bone currently serves as Founder/Partner in MedZone  ( working to prevent, treat and manage sports injuries.  You can reach TBone at or @goMedZone

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