As an ex MMA sportswoman I love nothing more than the adrenaline that kicks in during  workout and more importantly before a fight. I have had years of combat sports behind me, starting boxing when I was early teens, moving on to kick boxing and then entering the world of MMA.

I go through sports clothes quicker than a toddler growing up and always on the look out for the next thing to help increase my performance. By this I mean no chafing, embarrassing to say but when it happens by god do you know about it. So when an opportunity came about to try out the new sports bra from Shock Absorber, I was immediately up for it.

I have tried sports bras for year and always find an issue with them. Personally I love Puma and their sport bras do the job; they’re comfortable, keep everything in place. But, try and get it off and, well you may need some help. The bra I chose was the Zipped Plunge option. The fact you can zip it up at the front without the need of getting it on and off over your head was an instant selling point to me.

Shock absorber zipped plunge sports bra

It arrived and that night we went out for a 2 hour MMA workout – no fight as clothing does get torn and stretched so that would be an unfair review.

What did I think of the Zipped Plunge?

Firstly, I loved the pop of colour and it felt great; good amount of stretch but not too much. On it went, and my fears were banished when I found little hooks at the front as you would a front fastening bra. As I train with men, them seeing a bra with a zip would cause them to turn to boys, and that’s exactly what happened. But with hooks in place no modesty was lost – Amazing!

With the name of the bra having plunge in the title, it is in no way the same as a lingerie plunge bra. You will find no chicken fillets in this. Just a light padding which does enhance your cleavage but at the same time, keeps everything in place.

About an hour in, I did start to notice that I wasn’t wearing my usual Puma or Nike bra. I could feel movement, not something I want when I have high impact sports. I did get a little worried that I wasn’t getting much protection, but the next day no sore back or shoulders so the bra definitely provided a level of support.  I received compliments from the other women and we were all pretty happy that something that usually can be so plain and kind of just “there”, could look so feminine.

Would I recommend this bra?

Yes but with caution. I would and have since worn this bra whilst running and weight sessions and found no issues whatsoever. So for women who use running or the gym as their fitness routine, then this is perfect for you.  For those, like me, who partake in body combat and intense workouts, I would suggest one from Puma or another option from Shock Absorber such as the Ultimate Gym Bra as their products do provide support and have lasted over 10 washes without loosing shape or quality of fabric. Overall, if I was asked to give an out of ten rating I’d give it a 7.5/10

Where can you buy the bra and how much does it cost?

You can find out more information from the Shock Absorber website

The Bra retails at £25.00 which can be purchased from one of the following retailers;

SportsBraBar  |  |  LessBounce  |  BoobyDoo

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