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The Sakar Trust’s groundbreaking research petition has gained the attention of the Indian Prime Minister’s Office who has since forwarded the white paper on to India’s Secretary for Health and Family Welfare. Combining clinical research with an eye towards on-the-ground solutions, the Sakar Trust’s compiled data could help direct policy in the area of diabetes and general health.

The diabetes management system compiled by the Sakar Trust is based on the research of notable doctors in the field such as Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. Joel Furhman as well as Noble Prize-winning researcher Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan. Sakar’s petition is accessible on following link:

Google Doc: Sakar’s petition

All of these efforts are the product of a year-long struggle to bring education and prevention methods to more and more patients throughout India. As diabetes is both an epidemic in the modern world as well as one of the few diseases where diet and exercise can have a direct, positive impact, the Sarkar Trust’s focus on education and prevention is the first step towards a comprehensive system in India for addressing diabetes management and related health issues.

The range of materials on offer from the Sakar Trust includes educational books, videos, DVDs, retreats, doctor’s workshops and classes as well as diet plans. One of the biggest challenges in the struggle against diabetes is proper education on the disease coupled with access to care and treatment.

Because of this, the problem is compounded one because the Sakar Trust has to both work to identify potentially impacted populations, educate them, and then find ways for them to access healthcare options – some of which can be limited. The methodologies employed by the Trust have the approval of some of the biggest names in the field, and that’s no surprise.

Sakar Trust is an innovative charitable foundation set-up and mentored by outstanding technocrat Mr. Hiten Bhuta. Mr. Bhuta is a lead faculty and part of the Sakar research team on various matters related to public policy, technology trends, entrepreneurship and human empowerment. “Millions of people can benefit by using new research in impact of diet on overall health” commented Mr. Hiten Bhuta while speaking on Sakar’s research on healthcare. Hiten is the Founder & CEO of global technology company that makes a significant contribution to the hospitality industry. He is an innovator and holds a provisional patent on original business methods and tools.

Under Mr. Hiten Bhuta’s leadership, Sakar has done in-depth study to understand the problem of diabetes. Typically education coupled with prevention is the system that works around the world for diabetes management but there are unique complications in India that the Sakar Trust understands intuitively.

Hence why its methods have been praised by everyone from scientists and doctors to prominent member of the Indian Parliament Gopal Shetty, Kandivali-based Member of Legislative Council (MLC), Mr. Vijaybhai Girkar, and several other prominent leaders of government.

Sakar Trust videos, book summaries and diabetes management information is freely available on

Mr. Hiten Bhuta suggesting healthcare policy ideas to India’s Member of Parliament Mr. Gopal Shetty and Member of Legislative Council for the state of Maharashtra Mr. Vijaybhai Girkar

You connect with Mr. Hiten Bhuta on:


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