Everyone wants a six pack. Why have flab when you can have abs? A six pack looks great on men, women and is a physical asset that screams, “I’m in great shape!”. The thing is, everyone wants them but very few know how to get them. Fortunately getting six pack abs is fairly easy to do as long as you commit to this plan by HomeFitnessGuru.net.


Six pack abs begin in the kitchen. The food you consume reflects how your body looks. The best way to eat for a six pack is clean. Clean eating means that you follow a diet that solely consists of whole foods and processed foods are omitted. A clean diet ensures nutrient dense meals and makes it easy to reduce caloric intake without feeling hungry. Nutritious foods also keep the body full for an extended period of time since they are digested slowly. In addition to eating clean you want to pay close attention to macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat). A macro split of 40-40-20, protein to carbs to fat, is ideal for building the abdominals since it promotes fat burn and muscle gain.


Six pack abs also require exercise. You have to work to earn those blocks. In order to build the abdominal muscles fast you need a workout plan that involves cardiovascular exercise, compound lifts and isolations in order to hit the abs hard. Cardiovascular exercise burns fat which allows the muscles to show through. For most, 3 days of cardio per week works well. Options include running, swimming, cycling and high intensity interval training (HIIT) for those that like a challenge. Compound lifts like deadlifts and barbell squats activate the abdominals along with other muscle groups to prevent muscle imbalances and isolations make it easy to target specific areas of the abdominals including the upper abs, lower abs and obliques. Abs training must take place on nonconsecutive days to allow enough time for the recovery phase. During this phase muscles heal, grow and strengthen.


Those striving for a six pack should consider using ab machines as well. They are often downplayed but have a lot to offer. Machines are not only easy to use but they add a level of comfort to ab workouts. Ab machines also benefit both form and technique. The machine takes the lead which teaches the user how to perform exercises the correct way. When it comes to abs, form and technique matter.

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