The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sounds complicated, but it simply alternates periods of intense anaerobic exercise with intervals of lighter recovery periods. For example, if your exercise is walking, you might incorporate short bursts of running into your usual brisk walks.

HIIT has become a powerful tool for both elite athletes and average exerciser. This can help a person burn fat faster. HIIT requires lesser time to make a big change. It is more than just saving time and reaping results.

According to Scott Weiss, C.S.C.S, an exercise physiologist and athletic trainer, this form of exercise burns more calories during and after a workout than a continuous aerobic training. With HIIT, the amount of calories burned is greater in Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) than with continuous exercise. EPOC is the natural ability of the body to return to homeostasis after exercise.

Surprisingly, you can enjoy HIIT more than a low intensity steady-state exercise. A study reported that individuals are more likely to stick to it over continuous moderate-intensity and vigorous-intensity exercises.

Another benefit of HIIT is it can boost your endurance. One (1) minute of a high intensity work on a simple workout can enhance overall health. You can see it through higher counts of mitochondria and improved blood pressure.

HIIT is more efficient compared to other workouts. An individual can get a similar, if not greater, outcome in half the time of low-intensity longer period workout sessions. The Journal of Physiology cited a 2013 study saying that sedentary men who performed 40 minutes to an hour of cycling at 65% of their maximum 5x a week and those who did sprint interval training for 12 minutes three times a week yeilded the same results, which include insulin sensitivity and reduced aortic stiffness.

HIIT is totally excellent for your heart. This exercise increases the flexibility and elasticity of veins and arteries better than any continuous aerobic exercise. Because HIIT demands for increased pressure, the vessels actually get a workout as well. According to a study, individuals who are suffering from coronary artery disease found that high intensity interval workout was not only safe, but better tolerated compared to a more moderate-interval training.

This workout is amazingly effective at lowering glucose levels in people with diabetes just like the tropical garcinia. Just one HIIT session can improve an individual’s glucose level.

HIIT is also beneficial to stroke patients with relentless disabilities. With 6-weeks high-intensity exercise program, these patients can recover their function and cardiovascular health. It can do better than a regular aerobic exercise.

In addition, HIIT could alleviate the firmness and excessive muscle tone. These conditions make it difficult for patients with Parkinson’s disease to move their legs and arms. Researchers in Poland showed in eleven (11) patients with mild to moderate Parkinson’s symptoms that HIIT is very effective. They let the patients exercise on a stationary bike three times a week and saw improvements in both upper and lower body functions.

The reduction in stiffness and rigidity is linked with an increase in a substance known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor. It was suggested by the researchers that this could have stimulated the function and growth of nerves which are usually influenced by dopamine.

With HIIT, you don’t need special equipment or so much time. You just have to modify your existing routine.



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