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I love nothing more than trying to incorporate something to my diet that can only provide health benefits, and when I received my tub of Lean Greens I was so excited to get tasting.

The tub arrived just over 5 weeks ago and rather than post an article on the documented benefits of taking a food supplement, I wanted to try it for a month to document my own changes, if any. Due to making my own juices I take this supplement every other day so for the 30 servings, I get 2 months worth.

When first opening I was very apprehensive as the colour is just so green, but as I make green juices daily I adapted quickly. At most it tastes like seaweed, it is not vile as some may assume and goes down easily. I also picked up their shaker cup, and wow. Unlike other brands, the lid actually stays on, it’s perfectly compact and has a detachable pot to store your supplements on the go!

Lean Greens Shaker Cup

I have to note, before adding this to my diet I had skin sensitive to breakouts and now 5+ weeks in, I can safely say my skin is under control. I cannot rave about this product enough. Not only is it packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it has saved me a small fortune on skin treatment. To be exact £94.25 a month!

So what exactly is in this tub of goodness?

Lean Greens contain the active ingredients of;

Spinach (525mg)

Wheatgrass (225mg)

Barleygrass (225mg)

Alfalfa (225mg)

Chlorella (225mg)

Carrot (187mg)

Spirulina (150mg)

Broccoli (112mg)

Lean Greens Food Supplement

What are the documented benefits of taking a green supplement?

  • Fewer or no cravings
  • Improve gut health
  • Reduce Bloating
  • Flush out toxins
  • Natural energy source

I can’t say it has helped with my performance as I take BCAA and chromium picolinate along with whey proteins, which help fuel my training. But I can say within about a week of taking, all my bloating issues were disappearing due to it’s digestive enzymes.

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